Why we are On One Foot

    Just as the Hamilton Jewish community has seen a resurgence of young families coming back to Steeltown, McMaster Hillel has also experienced a revitalized energy and passion for creating Jewish campus life. With over 700 Jews on campus, McMaster Hillel is bursting at the seams with hundreds of Jewish students participating in Shabbat dinners, the infamous weekly bagel lunch, Israeli Wine and Cheese and Holocaust Education Week.

    McMaster Hillel prides itself on taking care of all those who are part of our Jewish campus community, which includes investing in each student's physical and mental health. University life can be challenging, sometimes lonely and often an adjustment for those who are living on their own for the first time. McMaster Hillel is a place where all Jewish students can find their place and feel at home.

    Our team is raising money to create the McMaster Hillel Health and Wellness Fund. We know that we can continue to amplify Jewish life at McMaster by providing more opportunities for students to be supported, be healthy and have the ability to take care of themselves and others.

Thank you to our Generous Sponsors

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