Why we are On One Foot

    York University has the largest Jewish student population in the province and York Hillel is a well-established student group on campus. Our newest team to join the On One Foot campaign, these York Hillel students are passionate about Jewish life and excited to raise the funds necessary to amplify their Jewish campus community.

    Team York wants our space- the York Hillel Lounge in the Student Centre- to be a destination on campus for today's Jewish student. The Lounge should be a space where ALL Jewish students feel comfortable to hang out, build community and be versatile enough to accommodate a wide range of programming and engagement opportunities.

    Team York is raising money to renovate and beautify the York Hillel Lounge so that we can better use this amazing resource we have on campus to best accommodate the York Jewish student's needs. We hope you'll join us by investing in our Jewish home on campus and upholding the long-standing tradition of vibrant Jewish life at York University.

Thank you to our Generous Sponsors

Mizrahi Developments
Gluskin Sheff
Effort Trust
Miller Bernstein
Engineered Arts